» Software development focusing graphics, video and audio

Our software developers have extensive know-how in the field of video and audio data compression/decompression. This covers the entire range from optical media to streaming technologies. If you have to handle these data streams, we will be happy to provide you with our expert knowledge.

In addition to video and audio formats of numerous standards (e.g. AV1, HEIF/HEIC, HEVC, AVC, AAC, JPEG), we also master a range of "exotic" formats generated by various manufacturers and devices. We can also work with defective or damaged streams. We are familiar with the special characteristics of various devices and their firmware implementations.

Video + Audio

video for,mats, AV1, HEVC, H.265, AVC, H.264, MPEG
  • AV1 Video in bitstreams and ISOBMFF
  • HEVC (H.265) video as in ISO/IEC 23008-2
  • AVC (H.264) video and container as in ISO/IEC 14496-10, 14496-12 und 14496-15
  • DVCPro 50/100 according to SMPTE 314M, SPMTE 370M
  • MPEG video and audio as in ISO/IEC 11172-3 und 13818-3, Audio Layer I/II/ III (MP3)
  • Multiplexer and Demultiplexer for various stream formats and container: HEIF/HEIC, MOV, MP4, MKV, ASF, DVB, DVR-MS, EVO, MXF, PVA, RIFF, SVCD, TRP, VCD, VOB


Example Video / Audio Codecs
  • Intel VPL, SVT-AV1, Dav1d, Rav1e, NVDEC, AMF
  • AAC and MPEG Audio Layer I/II/III as in ISO/IEC 14496-3/13818-3/11172-3
  • MPEG1/2/4 video as in ISO 11172-2, 13818-2, 14496-10
  • Highly optimized algorithms
  • Fast and precise frame-accurate access
  • Systems: Intel/AMD/ARM (x86, amd64, ARMv8, SSE4, AVX2, NEON)

Expert knowledge of video / audio data streams

In many years of successful cooperation with our customers, our software development department has developed various technologies in the field of video and audio codecs. They are used by leading providers of consumer software for video/audio editing.

Video / Audio Codec Expertenwissen
  • Repair of unsynchronized and damaged data material
  • Demultiplexing of file and streaming formats such as MOD, MOV, MP4, MXF, SVCD, TOD, TRP, VCD, VOB
  • Demultiplexing of formats from the broadcast sector, such as ASF, DVB, DVR-MS, PVA, VDR, VRO
  • Processing of many other formats – EVO, MKV, MTS, MTS2, RIFF, etc.
  • Optimized encoder / decoder settings for many formats and applications

OpenType ® and TrueType Text Rendering

Parsing and displaying fonts with the OpenType ®/TrueType Render SDK. The fonts are read and processed natively. This results in excellent quality and accuracy of the output and high speed.

Our ligthweight in-house font rendering engine delivers perfect and consistent quality on a wide range of output devices. The module is used to generate titles, e.g. for video captions.

dp4 Font Viewer
  • Reads fonts from files or memory buffers without installation and dependencies
  • Supported formats OpenType ® (OTF), TrueType (TTF) and Collections (TTC)
  • Handles all Unicode characters, e.g. also texts with cyrillic, chinese or arabic characters
  • Independent and full range transparency channel for text and background
  • Full 3D transformation matrix for character manipulation
  • 256 levels of anti-alias edge smoothing and 1/256 subpixel positioning

Disc Authoring

In many years of successful cooperation with our customers, we have developed technologies for the processing of video and audio data for various optical media.

A large number of libraries created as part of our software development have been used for years by leading software providers in the field of consumer and professional software for video and audio processing.

Blu-ray Disc

Audiovisuelle Medien, Blu-ray


Audiovisuelle Medien, AVCHD

DVD Video

Audiovisuelle Medien, DVD

Audiovisual media

Creation of all necessary data structures for Blu-ray disks from the video and audio input.

  • Generation of standard-compliant data
  • Support for all video formats and resolutions and common audio formats
  • Menu authoring and linking logic
  • Multiplexing of video and audio
  • Certification with the relevant entities

Multimedia presentation software

Between 1998 and 2002, our software development department created multimedia authoring software as a tool for designing complex CD-ROM or DVD-based presentations. Special attention was paid to making the capabilities of multimedia authoring tools usable in the office environment.

Exceptional performance and efficiency were special features of the authoring system.

Some selected references:

Product database

Example Bürkert Präsentation

For valve, measurement and control technology with over 50 products and technical documentation, video animation, narrator and PDF documents.

Client: Bürkert Gmbh & Co KG, Ingelfingen
Realization: WFP Audio Video Produktionen, Dresden

Image presentation

Example Steigenberger Präsentation

For Steigenberger Hotels und Resort Dresden-Radebeul with numerous videos and images.

Client: Steigenberger Hotels und Resort Dresden-Radebeul
Realization: Weigelvideo Produktion & Multimedia GmbH, Dresden

Economic development

Example Wirtschaftsförderung Präsentation

Comprehensive database on investors and investments in Saxony/Germany on credit card sized CD, with links in internet and email.

Client: Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen GmbH, Dresden
Realization: webit! Gesellschaft für neue Medien GmbH, Dresden