» System and hardware-oriented software development

We develop highly efficient, high-performance and elegant applications according to your specifications, close to the system on microprocessors and microcontrollers. After project planning and analysis, based on a well-defined requirements, e.g. a restrictions and functional specification, we build complete ready-to-use applications and prototypes for you.

Our expertise:

  • Microprocessors such as x86/x86-64/arm64 and microcontrollers from Atmel, Espressif and ST such as ATmega328, ESP32 and STM32
  • Interfaces such as I2C, CAN bus, 1-wire, SPI, UART, RS232 and USB
  • Debugging at assembly level for X86/ARM/RISC-V
  • Optimization with SIMD from MMX to AVX2 on X86 and NEON on ARM

Our team works on these parts of the development:

  • Analysis of the initial situation, individual advice on costs and effort
  • Draft, design and architecture of the application
  • Selection of suitable tools and languages
  • Implementation and testing
  • Setup, training, documentation

Application programming

Application programming
  • Applications for Windows Desktop 10/11
  • Database interfaces (ODBC, MS SQL, mySQL, Maria DB)
  • Experienced programmers develop in C, C++, C#, Assembly, VisualBasic, PHP
  • Control of peripheral hardware such as displays, printers, cameras, card readers, etc.
  • Integration of company and device-specific interfaces and APIs

Optimization and porting of existing software

Optimization and porting

If you encounter problems with increasing size and decreasing performance of your applications, we can help you with algorithmic or source code optimization.

We analyze your software with specialized tools, identify bottlenecks and first try to improve the underlying algorithm. Parts of the source code can be converted into highly optimized assembly code using special processor features such as SSE4, AVX2 ™ and platform-specific techniques such as Microsoft DirectX, EGL, etc.

We can also implement applications, e.g. Intel 32 to 64 bit, ARM compilations, Unicode adaptation or porting from one programming language to another, e.g. Delphi to C++.

Reference project » Box office solution

For the tourist ticket sales in the Kulturpalast Dresden/Germany, we worked on a payment / cash register solution. The task was to expand the existing cash register software to include dual-monitor operation to provide customers with better information on seat selection, reservation data, etc. Appropriate drivers and software were programmed to control the system.

Kassenlösung Kulturpalast Dresden
  • Control of special multi-monitor graphics hardware
  • Stable continuous operation, connection to existing POS software
  • Simple and intuitive operating concept in compliance with workplace ergonomical requirements
  • Staff training and documentation for operation

Reference project » Control of an industrial scale with associated measurement data

A database system was developed for a Swiss/German paper mill that is linked to an industrial paper scale for paper rolls weighing several tons. The software controls the measuring unit of the paper scale. All paper rolls produced are weighed, with each measurement documented and stored in a database.

The system prints labels with a barcode containing all logistical and product information. The system offers simple functions for quality assurance, e.g. damaged and unusable rolls can be marked. All rolls and measurements can be traced at any time using an integrated search function.

Special attention was placed on ease of use and stability, as the system runs around the clock in three-shift schedule operation. At the customer's request, a Windows and Microsoft Officeâ„¢ based application was also created.

Waage Etikett
  • Gathering of measurement data from the industrial scale via an interface
  • Storage of the data in the form of a Microsoft Office™ database
  • Simple and robust user interface with quality assurance functions
  • Label printer interfacing and control
  • Archiv for collected data with search functionality

Reference project » Hard- and software for open-plan discotheque

Equipping an open-plan discotheque - this project combines gastronomic billing, cashless payment with transponder chip cards and an electronic system for entertainment and messaging. The project is based on contactless RFID transponder cards, which are used for all of the customer's payment transactions. All transactions are processed via the card and managed centrally. When the guest leaves the location, the corresponding amount is totaled and settled.

The hardware and software components were successfully used in a large discotheque in Brandenburg/Germany. At peak times, more than 10,000 guests per evening could be handled.